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Regular quality controls considerably reduce risks regarding non-compliance and consequences on your supply chain (late deliveries, customers returning items). Our presence on the field is a constant reminder to your local suppliers: quality is a matter of consistency. SQUARE™ teams up experienced technicians who inspect according to your requirements while strictly following international standards.

Prototypes, reference samples, random picking samples from mass production stamped by SQUARE™ are certified complying with your specifications and international standards.

The knowledge accumulation of local manufacturers’ strengths and weaknesses leads DIFACTO inspectors to focus on specific stress points according to the product and supplier’s profile.

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One Place One Stop Testing

All is about calibration & procedures

As safety is a main concern in the handling industry, we ensure the compliance of your products by providing a full range of tests in our dedicated facility:

  • chemical analysis (Grade 80 composition, stainless steel quality, corrosion resistance)
  • hardness
  • breaking strength (B/S)
  • webbing / chain / wire rope slings elongation

OPOST™ brings the guarantee of reliable test results performed in one place by skilled technicians: calibration of the equipment as well as procedures remains constant for each batch of items tested.

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Is anything more reliable than experience?

SQUARE is the goods compliance certification that any of your suppliers shall promote. It stands for consistency, and it clearly expresses that quality matters as a real competitive advantage.

In addition to the one time certification, we qualify the products based on at least 5 mass-production inspections carried out within           6 months.

We deliver the SQUARE certification upon 100% positive conclusion.

SQUARE is the quality label that any worldwide buyers and users involved in the lifting, lashing and PPE industries shall require.


A close follow-up of factories’ abilities to meet your requirements

Since manufacturers are not providing the same level of quality in terms of product or service, we have decided to build a reliable indicator of the suppliers’ ability to meet your requirements.

Under a numerous professional criteria, we are rating the performance of factories and trading companies.

This unique rating leads your choice towards partners who share your values.

Basic quality level

Excellent quality level

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The step forward commitment to quality

We have considered bringing manufacturers and trading companies to the next step on the path to quality: a true commitment to their responsibilities.

The enrollment to SQUARE PROGRAM by a supplier is an adhesion to:

  • Undergo an audit once a year by DIFACTO
  • Support the 2nd DIFACTO inspection fees if conclusions of the first Quality Control are not satisfying.
    (subjected to specific conditions)
  • Compensate late deliveries by offering the DIFACTO inspection fees for your next order.
    (subjected to specific conditions)


Quality needs stimulation,
we fuel it!

Because those who maintain a constant quality level or, improve their products manufacturing process, deserve to be distinguished, we are glad to honor once a year, one company which has fulfilled its goal or delivered all the energy to aim at it.

When visiting potential suppliers, pay attention to any SQUARE AWARD hanging on their facilities’ walls (office, showroom, workshops), you might have stepped in the right place.


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